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ICRPG (Index Card RPG Core 2nd Edition)

  • ICRPG (Index Card RPG Core 2nd Edition)
  • ICRPG (Index Card RPG Core 2nd Edition)

ICRPG CORE 2nd Edition by Runehammer (Hankerin Ferinale), gives you a full rule book to get YOUR game table kicking ass!

A full rules set:
Classic 7 dice, D20 roll-over system, and all the combat and RP mechanics, character classes, timers, targets, and elements you need to play right away. This system is fast and fun, but doesn't lose track of the best parts of tabletop dice rolling.

Two worlds:
The CORE comes with two huge world primers that include locations and adventure starters for ALFHEIM (eldritch fantasy) and WARP SHELL (cataclysmic sci-fi). Add 18 classes and a ton of LOOT back it up, and you're in motion on your first night.

A KILLER GM Section:
All the mechanics and tricks used on Drunkens&Dragons compiled into a tight format so you can master the art of game mastering. Complete with story architecture, encounter building, the infamous three T's, room design and much more.

Almost 100 pages of new content, rules refinements, adventures, monsters and, tables! Now is the time to pull the trigger on an awesome hard copy for your table!