Memento Mori / Memento Vivere (PDF)

  • Memento Mori / Memento Vivere (PDF)
  • Memento Mori / Memento Vivere (PDF)
  • Memento Mori / Memento Vivere (PDF)
  • Memento Mori / Memento Vivere (PDF)
  • Memento Mori / Memento Vivere (PDF)

"I utterly adored this book. ... 5 stars, seal of approval, best of-tag; if I currently had the time for a Top ten list, this’d be a contender. I’ll give it my EZG Essentials-tag instead. I hope you check out this book and love it as much as I did."


This edition is designed to be compatible with the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons. It has many system-neutral elements, and a Knave-inspired OSR/5E hybrid 4-page optional system at the back for those wishing to run the game quickly.

128 pages of ghostly adventure! A somber, whimsy-dark campaign setting which mixes pirates, ghosts, graffiti, swamp monsters, and the spirit world with the themes of Kakfa, Lovecraft, Camus, and a dash of Burton.

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Within the dark demiplane of Anon, the city of Vestige is built atop the crypts and ruins of countless ancient cultures. Deep below, Vestibul, an entrance to the surreal realm of the dead, awaits. In Anon, the living and ghosts exist in tandem.


Escape from Ghost Island is a complete adventure suitable for approximately 5th level characters that introduces you to a truly unique and surreal realm and showcases the setting organically as the adventure progresses. In the adventure, characters are newly arrived and find themselves stranded on the mysterious, mist-shrouded island of Anon, in the strange city of Vestige—where ghosts mingle with mortals as if it were commonplace. However, they won’t have much time to gawk before they become swept up in a Kafkaesque adventure—and even more danger! Characters must overcome challenges and puzzles, uncover hidden secrets, come face to face with madness, the fragility of life, and the absurdity of existence to escape this place. Can they maintain hope in the face of impossible odds? Will they survive nefarious pirates, dangerous creatures, or the land of the dead itself? And, if characters die while exploring Anon, their adventure won’t be quite over...


This book is written to be as system-agnostic as possible while still remaining compatible with most editions of Dungeons & Dragons (especially the 5th, 3rd, and 1st editions). It provides everything you need to run a self-contained RPG campaign set within Anon, or to import the demiplane into another campaign setting of your choosing (we hear Barovia would make a good neighbor...). Regardless of your favorite edition or system, you should be able to use this book with minimal conversions.


• Original rules for creating ghost characters, who can adventure in spectral form or inhabit a manikin body.

• Innovative new rules governing madness for both the living and the dead.

• Tons of new character options, like spells, backgrounds, and magic items.

• New and unusual monsters.

• A 1-page character sheet that provides areas to record the new optional rules found within this book, such as Madness Points, Psyche, Ghost Powers, Manikin body stats, and more.

• A new, optional, 4-page “rules-light” system to use this book as a standalone RPG. All you’ll need are this book, some friends, dice, and imagination!

• New regional locations, unique city districts, plot hooks, NPCs, factions, random tables, and more!