O5E Sorcerer Class (PDF)

  • O5E Sorcerer Class (PDF)
  • O5E Sorcerer Class (PDF)
  • O5E Sorcerer Class (PDF)

A Sorcerer class for Old-School Essentials and old-school D&D!

Spell casters whose blood runs with the magic of some powerful ancestor are a common archetype in fantasy stories and historic myths. Devils, gods, dragons, serpent kings, fairy lords, and more have meddled with mortals and left their mark on their descendants. These innately magical mortals draw on their own inner power to cast spells and manipulate magical forces instead of praying to gods or studying musty grimoires. This archetype was largely absent from older roleplaying games, which instead focused on spellbook-lugging arcane practitioners.

While players can reflavor existing classes to align with this archetype, there is something not quite satisfactory to some with that approach. Now players can play a true sorcerer.

The 05E Sorcerer distills the essence of the modern sorcerer archetype down into a form that can be used in Old-School Essentials or any other early edition or retroclone of the world's most popular roleplaying game.

Inside you will find a full 14-level class for OSE, rules for sorcery points and metamagic, and 5 sorcerous bloodlines you can choose from to customize your sorcerer: Celestial, Chaos, Dragon, Fiend, and Serpent.

You will receive 1 PDF of the O5E Sorcerer class. After purchase you will receive the download links for the PDF within 1-2 business days.