O5E Warlock Class (PDF)

  • O5E Warlock Class (PDF)
  • O5E Warlock Class (PDF)
  • O5E Warlock Class (PDF)

A Sorcerer class for Old-School Essentials and old-school D&D!

Warlocks have haunted our stories for centuries and have become a staple of fantasy roleplaying games over the last decade or so. Spell casters who gain magical power by forging bonds with dark and mysterious entities, warlocks fill a niche not fully covered by existing caster classes in older editions. Warlocks in the modern imagination combine martial prowess with eldritch power, walking the line between mage and warrior, while remaining beholden to their patron’s dark desires.

While players can reflavor existing old-school classes like the cleric or elf to align with this archetype, there is something not quite satisfactory to some with that approach. Now you can play a true warlock!

The 05E Warlock takes the essence of modern versions of the warlock archetype and distills it down into a form compatible with Old-School Essentials or any other early edition or retroclone of Dungeons & Dragons.

Inside you will find a full 14-level class and 4 otherworldly patrons from which you can choose to give your warlock unique abilities and evocative spell lists: The Archfiend, The Faerie Regent, The Primordial, and The Whisperer.

You will receive 1 PDF of the O5E Sorcerer class. After purchase you will receive the download links for the PDF within 1-2 business days.